At PaceFitness we strive to provide science-backed advice on how to build an incredible body. Up until now, building an incredible body meant countless grueling hours in the gym each week, crazy strict diets, and a very limited life outside of fitness.

Before I talk more about how the PaceFitness approach changed all that, I want to share my story and how PaceFitness got started.

But if you don’t care about reading my story, that’s ok, I won’t take it personally – you can get started here.

My name is Mike Pace…           

And for most of my life I was a lean athletic kid:

But senior year in high school, everything changed….

I gained over 50 lbs. of body fat and for the first time in my life I was the chubby kid:

At this point, I blamed my genetics for the way I looked because I didn’t change my eating habits and was still playing sports – getting lots of exercise.

It wasn’t until I saw the transformation Huge Jackman made as wolverine in the X-men movies that I started to rethink what I was capable of.

Huge Jackman gained like 20 lbs of muscle and shredded down to 7% body fat:

After seeing that I committed to building an incredible physique. I followed every fitness and bodybuilding routine I could get my hands on, but the results were very slow…it took me 2 years of focusing my whole life around getting fit just to build and maintain an average physique:

Not seeing the results I wanted lead me to do my own research on proper training and dieting. After years of reading scientific exercise studies, I developed a new (science-based) approach to building my physique.

The results of my new approach were nothing short of amazing…I gained 10 lbs of dense muscle and got my body fat down to the single digits in the first 90 days. The crazy part was I was only spending 3 hours per week in the gym and ate all the foods I enjoy!

After about a year I had finally reached my goal, I had built a Wolverine-like physique and defied my genetics:

After going through this life changing transformation, I decided I wanted to help other people achieve their fitness goals whether you want to look like a Marvel superhero or just want to get fit.

That’s why I teamed up with one of my co-founders, Sean, to develop easy to follow fitness programs (based on our collective exercise science knowledge) that have been empowering our members to transform their bodies without having to dedicate their lives to fitness.

Then my other co-founder, Edward joined the team to help us capture our message on film and deliver it to our audience.


More About Sean And Edward’s Back Stories…

Sean's Transformation:

I was always the skinny but muscular guy, until I acquired the science-based knowledge needed to redesign my routine to achieve a lean, muscular, fitness-model physique.

In elementary school my classmates would comment on me having bigger biceps than the average 10-year-old. I got the reputation that I was only muscular because I had great genetics, and was skinny. As an adult this same kind of misconception has led to me being accused several times of using anabolic steroids.

Little did anyone know about my personal motivations that had me lifting weights when I was still a child.

Inevitably, without proper training knowledge to guide me, by the time I hit my late teens I got exposed to so much “BroScience” and bad coaching advice that I ended up tearing multiple muscles in my legs and rotator cuffs.

In the simplest sense - I became the victim of OVERTRAINING.

After years of struggling to make progress, I educated myself with the know-how to design science-based, effective, and efficient workout routines.

By applying all scientifically effective principals of training, I was finally able to achieve the lean, muscular, fitness-model physique you are seeing today.
Best of all, I am still setting new records every week that I work out.


Edward's Transformation:

I’ve always been the little guy ever since I can remember. I was always very lean but struggled so much to gain mass and solid muscle.

I used to stuff myself full of food 6 times a day, drinking nasty mass gainer shakes, and doing tons of reps and supersets at the gym to try and bulk up. I made some gains, but whenever I stopped stuffing myself and hitting the gym every day I would lose weight as quickly as I gained it. Over the years I had given up on building a solid physique.

My before photo was in March of 2016 while working on a short film. After seeing how small I had gotten, I decided it was time to do something about it.

After I met Mike and Sean I started following the program they developed to a “T.” The program taught me so much about the science behind why I hadn’t been able to build muscle and within 5 months I had gained 14 lbs of solid muscle mass with less effort. 

All my weights in the gym increased drastically, and I noticed a substantial growth in my chest, back, and arms. Not only did I bulk up but remained shredded and chiseled at the same time.

The program did for me what I had failed to achieve my entire life, and that’s why I decided to join the PaceFitness team.


The PaceFitness Approach

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Thanks for taking the time to get to know more about me and PaceFitness. We look forward to helping you reach your physique and fitness goals.

Your friend and coach,